The role of the Student Services Team is to provide support to students and staff, and the promotion of a positive, caring College environment.

Associate Principal – Student Services

The Associate Principal has overall responsibility for leading and managing the Team, and the delivery of pastoral care programs within the College.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer

The AIEO position is confined to three general areas. These include:

Interactive Role

Direct contact and communication with the Aboriginal students and the College staff.

Liaison Role

Contact and communication with parents/caregivers of Aboriginal students, Aboriginal community groups and other agencies who can further the educational welfare of Aboriginal students.

Non-Interactive Role

Involves duties performed during non-contact time which benefit:

College Chaplain

The College Chaplain offers a sensitive Christian presence in the College community, representing the local Churches in a broad, non-sectarian sense and offers services to students, staff and parents/caregivers as requested and appropriate.

College Nurse

The College Nurse is involved in health education, health promotion and early intervention. The position involves providing accurate information to enable students to make informed decisions about health care. In addition, the College Nurse seeks to support parents/caregivers in the care of adolescent children.

College Psychologist

The College Psychologist is appointed through the South Metropolitan Region Education Office to service Gilmore College. The position is responsible for assisting the College by promoting system initiatives and providing support and quality assurance to enhance outcomes.

College Youth Worker

The College Youth Worker promotes the personal, educational and social development of young people at Gilmore College.

Year Coordinator

The Year Coordinator offers a broad range of support in the area of pastoral care including attendance, behaviour management, and academic progress and provides a communication link between students, parents/caregivers and the College.

There are six Year Coordinator positions:

Year Manager

The position of Manager is responsible for the overall welfare of students in their respective Year group through the implementation of Pastoral Care programs. They work collaboratively with other members of the Student Services Team to provide an environment that nurtures the emotional, physical and academic well being of all students.

There are three Year Manager positions: