To access Subject Selection Online (SSO) visit

The College uses Subject Selection Online (SSO) for course selections. Families will be notified via email when the SSO website opens for course selections. Students will need to log in using their login ID and their student personalised password (created by students when they click password re-set).

Click on the link to download the SSO student log in instructions.

Please review course options in the following Course Selection Handbook before starting your online selections.

Year 11 2023 Course Selections:

Click on the link to download 2023 – 24 Course Selection Booklet Senior School

Year 10 2023 Subject Electives: Families will be advised when subject selection opens for students.

Students are advised to speak to Learning Area HOLAs regarding elective choices available for that learning area.

If you or your child requires any assistance in making subject selections, please contact our Administration team on 6595 2700.