At Gilmore College Media is delivered as a Certificate II in Creative Industries.

The Certificate II is delivered over a two year period in years 11 and 12 by a Vocational Education and Training (VET) certified and qualified teacher, and is auspiced through Central TAFE.

Students must demonstrate competency in the following units which are delivered through completing a series of set task briefs within given time frames. The tasks may include the conceptualizing, planning and production of a Music, Documentary, Drama, Commercial, Corporate and Interview Video.

Students also get hands on Industry experience through the Creative Arts Initiative (CAI) project that involves Industry Professionals, University Students and Gilmore College students collaborating and working on all aspects of the development and production of a film. As well as working with professionals on the process of digital game making

Units delivered at Gilmore College as part of the Certificate II of Creative Industries.

Unit CodeUnit Name
BSBCRT101AApply critical thinking techniques
CUFIND201ADevelop and apply creative arts industry knowledge
CUSOHS301AFollow occupational health and safety procedures
BSBWOR203AWork effectively with others
CUFCAM201AAssist with basic camera shoot
CUFPOS201APerform basic vision and sound editing
BSBDES201AFollow a design process
ICAU2006BOperate computing packages