The Business Management and Enterprise General course gives students the opportunity to understand how vital business is to individuals and society, and how it impacts on many aspects of our lives. The Business Management and Enterprise General course aims to prepare all students for a future where they will need to identify possibilities and create opportunities within a business environment. This course provides students with the ability to make sound and ethical business decisions based on critical thinking, in line with their own and societal values. The course equips students to proactively participate in the dynamic world of business, behave responsibly and demonstrate integrity in business activities.

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Year 11

Unit 1 – Establishing a small business

The focus of this unit is on establishing a small business in Australia. Opportunities are provided to explore business start‐ups and to recognise the factors that contribute to business success. Entrepreneurship and innovative thinking are introduced, generating ideas and proposals that may be suitable for business ventures. These proposals are then developed into a business plan.

Unit 2 – Operating a small business

The focus of this unit is on operating a small business in Australia. The unit is suited to the running of a small business in the school or local environment, or to the use of business simulations. The concepts of innovation, marketing and competitive advantage and the key factors that influence consumer decision making are introduced. Legal aspects of running a small business, including rights and responsibilities of employer and employee, are investigated.

Year 12

Unit 3 – Success in business at a national level

The focus of this unit is on success in business at a national level. It explores what it takes to be successful beyond the initial start‐up stage. Students investigate the features of successful marketing campaigns and report on how businesses succeed and prosper through methods, such as expansion in products, market share or diversification. The unit explores how the marketing plan contributes to the overall business plan.

Unit 4 – Business growth

The focus of this unit is on business growth and the challenges faced by businesses expanding at a national level. The unit explores issues in the business environment, including the importance of intellectual property in protecting business ideas. The unit addresses the significance of employee motivation and the development of a business plan in the overall success of expansion.