The Integrated Science course encourages students to be questioning, reflective and critical thinkers about scientific issues. The course is based on an integrated view of scientific knowledge that draws on the traditional disciplines of science and new scientific technology to enable students to investigate issues that are interesting and relevant in a modern world.

This course provides opportunities for students to consider contemporary scientific developments and to appreciate different perspectives and world views. This process enables them to make informed judgements and decisions about questions that directly affect their lives and the lives of others.

The learning contexts may change from year to year as teachers are free to choose the content and learning experiences that best suit the needs of their students.  For example;

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Year 11

Unit 1 – Marine studies

Students apply their scientific knowledge in the areas of natural and man-made waterways; their economic importance, health, management and sustainability.

Unit 2 – Forensic science

Students apply their scientific knowledge and their investigation skills to the use of evidence to support arguments.

Year 12

Unit 3 – Vehicles and drivers

Students apply their scientific knowledge in the areas of vehicle safety and driving.

Unit 4 – Sustainable future

Students apply their scientific knowledge in areas such as the management of water resources, environmental issues associated with the exploration and mining of natural resources and the sustainable use of energy.