At Gilmore College, social, emotional and physical development is as important as academic learning.


We have high expectations of both our students and our staff.

As educators we have set ourselves the highest standards of excellence, both personally and professionally, and we strive to achieve those standards in everything we do. By example, we expect the same of our students. These standards and expectations challenge all of us to excel.


We also recognise the differing circumstances and needs of our students as individuals and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all.

Our approach to education is dynamic and alive, and accordingly we strive to create and adapt our learning environments to reflect the requirements of each of our students in an ever changing society.


Our relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of rights and responsibilities within the College community. We recognise the value of actively working in a positive partnership with parents/carers, students, staff and the wider community in providing a quality education.