The original logo design for the Kwinana Redevelopment Project was a coloured five pointed star. The colours represented each of the feeder primary schools and Kwinana Senior High School. The points on the star were representative of key signatories on the Memorandum of Understanding: Department of Education and Training; Challenger TAFE; Murdoch University; Kwinana Industries Council; and the Town of Kwinana.

While the five pointed star was representative of the Redevelopment Project, the renaming of Kwinana Senior High School required a new logo to be developed.

Graphic artists were engaged to refine original design elements and produce a series of logos for consideration by the school community. The images of a star and figure reaching upward were identified as key elements for the new logo. The elements incorporated into the logo represented:

A palette of blue, of the original school colours, and gold hues, synonymous with strength, courage and victory, were used in the logo.